Alexander Technique Is Different From Massage Therapy

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Pain in the body is perhaps the major problem to most of us. The traditional treatments may not be very helpful all the time. Thus, it is necessary to look for some alternative treatments. Alexander Technique is, in fact, one such option, which can considerably help you.


The teaching in your Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique can give instruction about the beneficial cognizant control of performance. With the guidance of a teacher, you can have better knowledge about the habits of contemplation movement and posture. 

When you find out the habitual patterns that aren’t helpful to you, you may turn out to be more conscious of the trend towards some unnecessary muscular tension. In fact, undoing such regular patterns gives the chance for something fresh to be happened- spontaneity and natural movement. So, click to schedule your massage session or the program of Alexander Technique, and get the recommendations from the experts.

Basic concept about Alexander Technique

Identification of the habit

In due course of your life, we may develop some helpful and some unconstructive habits. Making out the habitual responses is the foremost step in allowing alteration. Your teacher for Alexander Technique will know your tendencies prior to you do so.

Imperfect sensory appreciation

The strength of your habit hampers the accurateness of the kinesthetic reaction. Often, it leads to an imperfect sense about our functioning. It also limits our capability of making productive modification.

Sometimes, we respond habitually and automatically to a range of stimuli. Alexander Technique instructs how to use the gap between response and stimulus to select a plan. It is the inhibition, a skill, which we have previously and can know to refine and develop.

Alexander Technique is, however, not completely parallel to any massage therapy. There are differences between these two types of treatments. And here, some of these differences are given-

Pain relief for very long period

Often, a massage therapy can give temporary relaxation, and you can get rid of chronic strain and ache. On the other hand, Alexander Technique trains you about how to rearrange the musculature, by lessening the excessive the strain or tension or by assisting you to have pain relief for a long relief.

Holistic processes

Massage is such a solution that can address the definite portion of a body.  But, Alexander Technique deals with the overall balance, harmonization or support in order to develop relief.

Increased consciousness level

Massage is really a great way for escaping from our real world. However, Alexander Technique is able to promote the better mindfulness, increase the consciousness, and heighten the awareness.

Save your money

Unlike any massage therapy, by getting trained with Alexander Technique presently, you may save your money in future. It is the remarkable fact on the preventative systems. Alexander Technique may facilitate you to avoid expensive visits to doctor and also orthopedic surgery.


Whether you want Alexander Technique or any massage therapy, you can get in touch with Rosedale Wellness. By considering the differences, you can choose the best one for you.