Biker Safety: How to Ride in the Rain

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In all the years that I have been riding a bike, I can’t remember any biker that enjoyed the thrill of riding in the rain. And I don’t think that there is anyone out there that would instead ride in the rain as compared to the sunny climate. I also know of bikers that would rather postpone a meeting than getting out in the rain and go clinch a deal. But this is because they haven’t noted down the various tips of riding in the rain safely. Here are tips that will change the way you ride in the rain and remove the fear.

Have the Right Rain Gear

Make sure you don the proper rain gear before leaving the house. The gear you choose should be made of a material that is breathable but that won’t allow water to get through. Choose a helmet that covers your face since rain comes down at high force and might hurt your face. Visit Bikers Basics to get the right gear for use in the rain.

The Correct Tires Matter

Make sure the tires on your bike are ideal for riding in the rain. Worn out tires are more of recipe for an accident. Slick tires also won’t work for you the way they need to.

Understand the Road

If the road was previously slippery, it is now more than slippery. Manholes might be hidden and be dangerous, and the once slippery surface might have become an ice rink. Avoid these like the plague. If you are on an unfamiliar street, then easy does it. Go slow and be sure of controlling the bike at any time.

Puddles? Watch out for them it can be a lot of fun riding through a puddle, but many of these puddles have a lot of hidden dangers. The puddle might be hiding a very deep hole that you might end up discovering the hard way.

The First Rains are Dangerous

When the rain starts after an extended period of time, the road is perilous. This is because there is a lot of oil and dirt that has been left on the road over the few months. Hold on for an hour or two for the rain to wash away these components before you ride since the road is slipperiest at this time.

If it only drizzled, then the road remains slippery, be careful.

You will identify the presence of oil if you see a rainbow-like pattern on the ground.

Final Thoughts

Riding in the rain is tough, but when you have the right riding technique and the perfect gear, you can ride perfectly.