Can you Use Instagram from a Desktop PC?

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Sure you can! Tech-savvy developers have come up with workarounds that make it possible for you to schedule, monitor and plan Instagram posts from your PC. A good example is PlanMyPost, an innovative tool that makes using Instagram from a PC or laptop super easy. You can read all about PlanMyPost at Spire to find out what makes it special, why you should use it and how much it’ll cost you to access its premium features.

…But why would you want to use tools such as PlanMyPost?

It’s Convenient

Of course, using Instagram from a desktop PC gives you more freedom to do what you can’t with your phone. You can type faster using your desktop or laptop keyboard. By extension, this allows you to introduce special characters not available on your phone. And then there’s the ability to use unique graphics and applications such as Canva. Besides, it is relatively easy to edit photos from a desktop than a phone.

You Can Post from any Website

One of the limits that come with using Instagram on your phone is that your profile is all about you. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it prevents you from reaching a bigger audience, and that’s not good especially if you’re using Instagram to market your brand. Besides, you can’t share other people’s posts – and even if you could, you can’t include working links into descriptions. In essence, this makes sharing other user’s messages and images near impossible.

However, with tools such as PlanMyPost, you can share posts and images from any website you like. That way, you’ll be giving your brand and business the exposure it needs to get to the next level. Obviously, you can use the tool to share great images from your articles and compelling graphics from your posts too.

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons you’d want to use Instagram on your PC or laptop. It even makes more sense to use tools like PlanMyPost to help keep your marketing campaign on track. And because this tool schedules your posts, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on Instagram.

Even more impressive is the fact that based on the performance of your previous post, PlanMyPost can suggest the best time for you to post. How about that! The point is, using Instagram from your desktop comes with advantages any serious marketer shouldn’t ignore.