Choosing a Scent for Your Wedding

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Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. You, therefore, need to make it stand out and special. One of the ways people do this is to choose the perfect dress. Although overlooked, you also need to smell nice as well.

You need to choose the perfect fragrance that matches with the way you look. This is why finding the right fragrance, from a dealer such as Your Scent is Your Signature for the wedding day is as crucial as picking the wedding dress.

Consider Your Venue

Just like the wedding gown, the right scent can heighten the ambiance of the event. So, how does the venue come in? Some fragrances do well with the arrangement. Floral scents complete with sweet top notes go very well with a garden wedding, while fresh and clean notes go well with a beach wedding.


Many brides jump right onto their signature scents and end up adding nothing special to the day. You can go out of the way and choose a scent that is totally different from what you are used to. However, as much as you want something new, it should at least still reflect the real you. You can choose a scent that reminds you of the favourite memory of your partner. Maybe it was the time he proposed to you or your first date – the choice depends on you.

Consider the Ingredients

You need a bottle of perfume that will stay longer as compared to one that disappears faster. This is possible with the oil/water balance in the fragrance. Additionally, oil-based fragrances get activated with movement, which happens when you get to the dance floor. Go for Eau de Parfum, because these scents have more oil compared to Eau de Toilette.

The high oil content eliminates the need to go and touch up ever so often. You end up focusing on the event rather than looking for a way to stay fresh.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush into looking for the perfect scent. Instead, you need to take time and find the perfect fragrance. As you read the description of each scent, take time to understand how these features tie in with your wedding day goals.

Finally…Go for Ideal Placement

You need to know where to place the drop of scent on your skin. Avoid the neck area because the heat from the hair can cause sweat to distort the scent. Target the ankles, behind your knees, in-between your thighs, the crook of the elbow and other pulse points.