Cleaning Vinyl Records the Right Way

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If you want to keep your vinyl records playing over and again, you must keep them clean. As one could know playing a dirty record may affect the audio quality.  Even so, you have to clean your vinyl records correctly; otherwise, you might end up damaging them. Nonetheless, it is not that hard to keep the albums free of dirt and dust.

For starters, there are many ways to clean your records, but not all of them work. While no particular method will “sanitize” a record, there are proven options to help you remove the dirt and get better sound. If you’ve never cleaned a vinyl album before, these tips will provide an excellent place to start.

Use Carbon a Fiber Brush

This is perhaps the most efficient way to get rid of a significant amount of dirt on your record. Be sure to wipe the album with the brush to keep it clean and the sound quality at its best. If you’re not sure of any cleaning method, don’t use it – it is just not worth taking the risk unless you want to lose your record.

Note – use the brush gently without pressing it hard against the grooves.

Buy a Record Cleaning System

Sometimes, even the best cleaning methods fail. There’s no harm in purchasing a cleaning system, more so if you want to maintain acoustic clarity.  Also, make sure that you remove all the dirt deposits on your records before any deep clean. You may also buy a vinyl record vacuum cleaner for easy, straightforward cleaning.

The Lesser the Friction the Better

Vinyl records are delicate – it only takes one wipe using the wrong cleaning technique to damage them. Whether you’re using de-ionized water, a fiber brush or cleaning system, you should be as gentle as possible. Also, if you prefer using a cloth, ensure that it is lint free.

Never Use Alcohol to Clean Your Vinyl Records

While some people recommend the use of alcohol to clean vinyl records, you should avoid it by all mean. It might eliminate the dirt, but it takes away the shine. It will also damage the plastic and leave a thin greasy film on it.

Tips to Handle Your Vinyl Records

As stated, even with the best cleaning method, your album will not return to its original state. Thus, the only way to ensure that the record lasts relatively long is to handle it with care so that it doesn’t get dirty in the first place. Also;

  • Keep your hands of the sensitive parts

  • Ensure that the turntable is functioning properly before playing your record Wipe the tip of the stylus once in a while to keep it clean
  • Replace the stylus at some point (if the turntable is too old)

Cleaning vinyl records is easy and doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. However, you need to know how to store your albums too. Keep them in a cool, dry place. Never stack them on top of each other. Instead, use plastic sleeves to store them.