Dispelling Myths Surrounding Cosmetic Dentistry

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A beautiful smile is everyone’s dream. However, not everyone is born with the perfect. The good news is that cosmetic dentistry can help you enhance your smile. Unfortunately, a lot of people are hesitant to visit cosmetic dentists due to the widespread misconceptions.  Cosmetic dentistry deals with much more than aesthetics as it provides both restorative and functional benefits.

Here are some common myths dispelled.

It is painful

Your comfort is today’s dentist’s top priority.  A lot of people think that these procedures are painful and this leads to anxiety. An aesthetic is used to help you relax and feel more at ease during the procedure. Have a talk with your dentist about this and you’ll find the best solution to reduce your anxiety.

It won’t look natural

Most people are concerned that others will be able to tell that they’ve had implants or dentures fixed. However, those days are long gone as technology has made it possible for dentists to customize treatments and dental restorations. Additionally, materials used in fillings and bonding blend seamlessly with your natural teeth such that no one can tell if you’ve just had your teeth worked on.

Very expensive

This has held back a lot of people who believe that these procedures are only for celebrities and the rich. Nonetheless, it is important to note that due to major advancements, these procedures are now affordable and flexible. You can choose from a variety of dental treatment options unlike in the past.

Takes a long time

While every smile is different, some cosmetic changes may take more time than others. Nevertheless, there are some cosmetic procedures that only require one or two visits to your dentist. Bonding and contouring are a good example of transformative treatment that only takes one or two visits.

It’s never necessary

Unfortunately, most patients think that cosmetic dentistry is just to enhance looks. The truth is that visiting Best Cosmetic Dentists London can help restore and enhance your smile. Some of the problems that can be treated include tooth loss, broken teeth and malocclusion.


Schedule a visit to your dentist to determine what treatment options are suitable for your particular condition.  With a myriad of options to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Do your research to learn more about the different treatment options available for your particular problem. Ensure the provider has the right experience and training to create excellent restorations.