Five Different Industries Using Industrial Ink

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When envisioning a printer, it’s easy just to conjure up an image of your average office model. However, printers are used in a large number of industries, and often they are an industrial size and certainly not appropriate for use in an office. Industrial inkjet printers are incredibly useful and make up some of the foundations of the production industry. You can get digital ink from Needham Ink.

They can be used to print on food labels, boxes, bags, pallets – the list goes on. Let’s take a look at five different, unique industries that utilize industrial inkjet printers.

  1. Lumber: there’s a particular type of ink used to mark on the wood. The ink must be hardy and capable of surviving the trip from the lumberyard to the storage warehouse where it will be distributed to retailers. The marks must be visible, easy to read, and durable to the point of staying intact all the way to the consumers front door.
  2. Beverage Industry: all packaged beverages like milk and soft drink are marked with labels and barcoding. These labels include information about nutrition, use by dates, and other useful information that is applied to plastic, cardboard, glass cartons and boxes that contain these products.
  3. Eggs and Poultry: even the eggs are marked by these industrial printers. Each egg is typically marked with a faint red ink marking, and of course, the carton itself is marked with relevant information including the expiration date and barcode. Food grade ink is used on products like eggs and poultry. This ink should also be wear-resistant and able to last all the way to the shelf.
  4. Medical Industry: ink is used to print on items like x-rays, IV bags, and rubber tubes. Additionally, the ink needs to be rub-resistant for when alcohol is applied for sterilization purposes.
  5. Aerospace: the inks used in aerospace are similar to the ones used in the beverage industry, except they are a lot stronger. These inks are required to be highly heat resistant and able to provide a high level of adhesiveness.

Each of these industries comes with a different list of considerations and requirements. Marking, stamping, barcoding, labeling and coding are all essential elements that take place across the board in all major industrial productions. Industrial inkjet ink is a vital ingredient in these production processes, and without it, you wouldn’t be able to receive your products in the condition they currently arrive in.