How Car Dealerships Can Make The Best Out Of Instagram

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A few years ago, car dealerships had to buy space on local dailies, TV ads and erect billboards so as to promote various vehicles that they had on sale. The trend is changing and now people are focusing more on internet marketing which has made outreach easy and effective. Social media has been a favorite spot for car dealerships and most people are making a fortune through these channels. Instagram is among the top channels for this type of business because people can display photos of the car on sale. The following are some useful tips on how car dealerships can make the best use of Instagram

    1. Mix images with videos

Potential customers want to have a feel of the vehicle before they make their final decision to either buy or drop the vehicle. You can take such followers through every important detail of the car using clear photos. Record videos while driving to show potentials the capability of the car in question. Ensure that the images and videos are of high-quality to show the fine details that every customer is looking for. Take the photos and videos from different angles as this gives them a chance to make an informed decision. Ensure that you have the right lighting and background when you are taking the shots.

    1. Have a complete profile

You will be dealing with people who want to transact online while others will visit your place of work. Everyone needs someone they can trust irrespective of the kind of transaction that you make. An Instagram account with some gaps can be a red flag for many people and you may lose out potentials to competitors. State who you are and what you do for all to see using the fewest words you can think of. Remember to include a call-to-action button on your bio section as well.

    1. Target the right group

There are thousands of car dealers who post on Instagram but do not close even a single sale. This is because they do not have a strategy and also target the wrong group. You must understand the market and customers’ buying habits to succeed in this business. You also need a good number of followers to increase your chances of closing a sale. Your account must be active to attract engagement from all over. SWS Mag reviews lots of like bots that you can use to increase engagement levels on your Instagram account.