Misconceptions about Drones

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Drones have become a popular topic among the civilians the past few months. Originally a reserve of the military, they have become a part of nearly every home, with kids and adults alike taking to the sky with these amazing gadgets. However, there is a lot of confusion, misunderstandings, and arguments on these drones. Let us look at some of these misconceptions, and how you need to regard them.

All Drones Have the Same Capability

Drones are now a dime a dozen on the market. Consumer drones come in all shapes and sizes and are sold on most online stores. However, you need to understand that not all drones are the same and they won’t operate at the same level. Some people think that these small drones are just mini duplicates of the larger drones that are used in the military. Wrong. These two drones have different origins and totally different capabilities. Additionally, these two have different uses.

The Cameras That Come With Drones Are Very Powerful

Not all drones come with cameras. Moreover, the primary function of the cameras on particular drones isn’t for taking images but for navigation while in the air. These cameras don’t have the awesome zooming capabilities of the high-end drones you see in movies. The lack of zooming is due to the fact that high-resolution and lens is quite heavy and this might add unnecessary weight to the drone.

For you to get a drone with a camera with more pixels, you need to add some more dollars to your budget. Additionally, to get the best shot with a drone you have to take it way lower, which brings to fore the risk of other people noticing that the drone is there.

The Batteries Last and Last

Drones use rechargeable lithium ion batteries to run. Well, these batteries hold the charge for a certain period of time, most usually a minimum of 20 minutes when it is still new. The battery power will depend on the weight of the drone and the features that use up the battery.

The batteries will last you depending on these factors, which mean that you have to recharge the battery after each run so that you can undertake another session. If you plan to run the drone continuously, then you need to have another pair of batteries to replace the one that gets used up.

You Can Use the Drone Any Way You Like

Drones can fly to high heights, but this is government airspace, which is manned and regulated. Some areas require you to have a certificate so as to use the drone. You need to understand the various rules that govern the use of the drone before you take it up into the air.

Fly for Fun, Fly for a Cause

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