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Suppressor or silencer is an important accessory for your gun especially in the states where the ownership is legal and hunting is also not an offence. It is the equipment which suppresses the sound of the gun shot. There are multiple benefits of attaching the silencer or suppressors with your gun. These include it saves your ear from the higher decibel of the gun shot, helps in increasing your precision for shooting and enables you to communicate while making a shot. These are the main reasons for which the suppressors are used in the guns. But there is a need to protect the silencer for its durability. Suppressor covers are the right accessories which help in providing better protection to the suppressor. 

Accessories for your gun

There are various accessories for your gun like covers, mag carriers and many more.  You can also purchase the suppressor cover and other accessories for your gun. Just click here to get more information.

Features of the suppressor cover

Some of the unique features of the suppressor covers are as follows:

·         Cordura Nylon Exterior: It increases the durability and looks of the suppressor cover.

·         Durable Metal Buckles: it has durable metal buckles which increase the life of the suppressor cover and enable it to use in the extreme conditions.

·         No-Slip Cinch Design: It is designed in such a manner that the silencer does not slip down from the cover.

·         Adjustable Straps: It enables easy to wrap the suppressor of different sizes.  The straps can be adjusted according to the size of the silencer.

·         Fade, Abrasion, Mildew Resistant: When you purchase the suppressor cover from a reliable brand, you can be relaxed as it will not get easily faded or get abrasion on its surface.

·         Water and Fire Resistant: it is made up of the material which is water and fire resistant to protect the silencer from damages.

Need of the suppressor cover

If you own a suppressor for your gun, then you need to have the suppressor cover for the following reasons:

Ø  It safeguards the suppressor from impacts and scratches which occur with normal use.

Ø   You can shoot from different angles without fear of getting the burns.

Ø  It helps in mitigating mirage which is helpful in precise shooting.

Ø  Removal of suppressor after firing can burn your hand but if there is a suppressor cover, then removal of the suppressor becomes safe.

Ø  It protects your clothes and rifle from melting.

Ø  Covering the suppressor increases its durability and avoids the need of painting it.

Purchasing the suppressor cover


There are several stores from where you can purchase the suppressor cover. Generally, the stores selling the arms also sell the accessories for the guns and rifles. So, you can check out the best accessories or covers for your gun. You can pick the suppressor cover which fits to the size of the suppressor you own.