The Importance of Checking Your Followers’ Instagram Stories

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Many people on Instagram use the Add to Your Story feature often. Whether they prefer to use Instagram Live, Boomerang, or just a plain photo, they like adding Story entries.

And according to the rules of Instagram, every person who adds a Story gets to see all the users who have viewed their stories. Of course, everyone has the prerogative of making their stories private or only viewable to a chosen few.

So if your followers shared a story with you, you should feel honored. And a way to be grateful for that honor is to view what they have shared with you. This way, they’ll know you’re interested in them.

This is a classic approach of marketing — and it’s one that can work wonders for you.

Here’s why you should view Story entries.

1. To Know Your Followers

Story entries are visible for 24 hours. When time’s up, they are set to disappear — and usually, you will never see them again.

And most Story entries are “special” stuff. Most likely, they were taken candidly. If they came in better quality, it’s arguable that Instagram users will enter them as posts.

These entries may be:


    • Their meal of the day


    • Their pet


    • A random encounter with a close friend


    • A memorable event


    • Their current environment

Moreover, Stories are somehow meaningful to most Instagram users. They are one of the best ways to know what’s up with your followers.

Compared to posts, most story entries are raw. They are not as modified as posts.

2. To Increase Your Following

Yes — viewing your followers’ Stories can help increase your follower count. It may do so indirectly if your followers spread the word of your interest in them. But it gets the job done.

It builds you a positive reputation: you’re not a snob. And you actually care enough to create engagement.

And if you’re all about increasing your Instagram followers, try checking out automation tools and marketing companies. They can whip up some magic for people to start discovering your brand.

However, a word of warning before you use automation tools and marketing service-providers: not all of them work long-term. In fact, there’s Mr. Insta. And unfortunately, it’s reported that a lot of people are really unhappy with the service provided by a company called Mr. Insta.

The Bottom Line

Especially if you want to have a long-term connection with your followers, you should take the time to view their stories.

Put yourself in their shoes. Of course, you would want to do business with a brand that makes you feel important.