The Need for a Curling Wand

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Remember the times when the only way to get curls into your hair was to roll them in bulky and uncomfortable rollers the whole night long? Well, times have changed, and you can now get rollers in a matter of minutes without sleeping on it.

Technology has given us a tool called a curling wand. The curling wand helps you get the best curls and save time while at it.

The changes in technology have also affected the way the curling wands work. Gone are the days when you could damage your hair trying to use a hot iron that came with a static temperature? Today you can create curls without breaking a single strand of hair.

The use of tourmaline has made these wands safer for women of all hair types. The time you need to create the curls is also less, meaning you can get time to do you other things, or you can even get the right curls in a hurry.

The wands from That’s Foxy come with the ability to adjust the temperature to the right setting. This setting is dictated by what kind of curls you need and the kind of hair you are working on.

Using the Curling Wand

To get the most out of the wand, you need to follow some steps. First, you need to determine the right temperature for the hair, and then use the temperature control to set this temperature to get the curls you want.

The wand comes with a thermal glove to use with the curling so that you prevent burns to your hands when using it.

Before you start using the wand, make sure you remove any tangles in the hair so that the process is quick and effortless.

Divide the hair into sections, then using the other hand; place the barrel up towards the top of the hair, near the scalp. Wrap the hair under the barrel then move down to the hair length until the wrap ends. Repeat this on the remaining sections of the hair.

Final Tip: How to Use the Wand Better

Make sure you know your hair type. You can do this by reading articles on the kind of hair online. Additionally, try and condition your hair before you use the wand on it because the heat in the wand usually dries out the hair. You can use a heat protection serum to protect the hair from the heat that is produced by the barrel.