Things you need to consider when buying a Kitchen Mixer

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A mixer is one of those handy kitchen tools that makes your work much easier. For any regular baker or even a beginner, a mixer saves you the hassle and energy used to mix your ingredients manually. Apart from saving time, using a mixer also guarantees a better texture and consistency with most of your recipes. When buying a mixer, there are two categories of buyers, those replacing an old mixer and first-time buyers who are not sure of what to look for in a mixer. Seasoned users may have spotted valuable details on a magazine or a blog, inspiring them to buy a newer model with new and advanced features. Nevertheless, irrespective of where you fall as a buyer, this article serves as a guideline to help you weed through the myriad options in the market, and buy a mixer that fits perfectly with your needs.


How often you bake and at what scale, plays a role in determining the kind of mixer you buy. With two main types in the market, a hand mixer and a stand mixer, it all boils down to your baking needs. If you are an occasional baker, or a buyer seeking an affordable option that won’t take up much space, a hand mixer will perfectly fit the bill. Their simple design means they can easily fit in a kitchen drawer and can cost less than twenty U.S dollars.

On the other hand, stand mixers feature a large mixing bowl and other attachments that transform baking into a much easier and quicker affair. They come in handy, especially for recipes that call for tricky mixings such as when making meatballs and also any baking that involves thick dough such as bread or pizza. Stand mixers are also stationary, meaning, you can leave your ingredients mixing as you get on with other tasks.

Baking Needs

Before buying a kitchen mixer, you need to have a clear picture of what you plan on doing with it. Think about the amounts of foods you will be making and also the type of recipes you will be working on. For example, If you like to make cookies or bread in large quantities, either for storage or friends, get a mixer capable of making a lot of dough at a go. With certain attachments, you can use a mixer to make pasta, butter, and tamale among other exciting treats. Therefore, think about what you plan to make and in what quantities. That will help you to choose the right mixer for your needs and also get the appropriate attachments.


Mixers come in different sizes. Hence, it’s important to consider the amount of space you have available and also how much cooking you intend to do. If you will be preparing treats for a large group of people or on regular occasions, and you happen to have ample space in your kitchen, then a bigger model would make an ideal option. On the other hand, you can do fine with a small to medium sized mixer if it’s for your occasional personal needs.


If you opt for a hand mixer, be sure to get a lighter model that is comfortable to hold. That is because you will need to hold it for longer if you have a lot of stuff to mix. However, with a stand mixer, you want a strong option that does not bounce around the counter. Even so, you may want a lighter option of a stand mixer if you’ll be storing it in a cabinet and have to remove it everytime you need to use. If that is the case, look for a lighter model that remains stable on the counter while mixing. Typically, you can do fine with a stand mixer weighing about 20 pounds.