Top 5 smart home technologies

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The last few years, the technology has come a long way, from the cellphone with the little buttons we now have smartphones with amazing displays and powerful cameras. Smartphones, being so powerful, they can connect with other devices such as smartTVs security cameras and many others. Let’s have a look at the Top 5 smart devices for the smarthome of the future.

  1. Amazon Echo

If you are looking for a central control point for your smart home gadgets, you will have a hard time finding a better option than Amazon’s voice activated smart speaker. The gadget answers to the name ‘Alexa’ and can connect to many devices like smartTVs smart lights security cameras and many more. You can make web searches just by talking to it, and it will reply to you. You can also command it to turn on or off, dim or even change the color of the lights to the living room or at the bedroom. You can have it playing music just by telling it so. It is pretty amazing!

  1. Smart Lights

We talked a little bit for them on the previous paragraph but it is time to look at them in depth. Smart lights are not the usual light bulbs that you have in your home. They are for the most part LED lights and they can connect to the Wi-Fi of your home or office and with a tap on the screen of your smart phone you can turn it on, off, dim it or change color. If you have more than one you can group them up and set them to turn on when you get it the room or you can command Amazon’s Alexa to turn on the lights it the room you are in.

  1. Water Sensors and Leak Detectors

When it comes to home automation everyone seems to think just the smart TVs, smart lights and smart vacuum cleaner but security is essential. Security cameras and fire detectors are the most common gadgets. Everyone seems to forget about water or moisture damage but is the most common damage homes suffer from. A great review list of 5 water and leak detector is found here ->

  1. Security Cameras

Security cameras have evolved a lot the last few years. Back in the day if you had security cameras you had to have a dedicated room for all the equipment, filled with huge machines that were monitoring the cameras storage for the footage and several meters of cables that connected everything together. Nowadays everything is much simpler. Security cameras are for the most part wireless and with amazing video quality. And the room of equipment is gone and everything is on “The Cloud”.

  1. Smart Doorbells

Security cameras play a big role as far as home security especially when you are away from it. But when you are home and someone knocks on the door it is not very secure to just ask “Who is it?”. Smart Doorbells come to the rescue. They are equipped with a high resolution camera and a motion sensor, which gets activated when someone is near your door and you get a notification at your smartphone with a live video from the camera. They are the most secure way if you have small children racing to get the door.