Trends in Sports in 2018

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Sports is a huge business, and it promises to get even bigger. Teams and sponsors are already looking for ways to convert the issues that face this noble industry into opportunities for the growth of the industry.

Like any other industry, changes in technology are disrupting the sports industry. I was reading this and saw it ideal to say something. Today we look at the different trends that are emerging in the world of sports, and that need to be included in your plans as a participant in the industry.

Enhanced Venue Security

As witnessed recently in various games across the world, insecurity rears its ugly head repeatedly. This issue does not seem to be slowing down, and even though hefty fines are slapped against the perpetrators, many more do not learn from this, and the trend continues.

To handle insecurity in sports venues, the operators have installed various measures ranging from biometric recognition to electronic identification. These technologies help inspect the fans before entry into the stadium, and they help when evacuation is necessary in the event of an attack.

Allowing Fans to Call the Plays

In an attempt to involve as many fans as possible in the plays, sports organizations have decided to roll out unique experiences for the fans during each game. This is because many of the fans are opting to stay at home and watch the games from the comfort of their couches.

The operators now offer different subscription plans for the fans with the aim of appealing to a wider audience. Seat locations vary according to the availability and the kind of membership that you have.

Participation opportunities have also come up, and you can now get more creative with the ticketing system.

Targeting the Millennial

The game is attracting more and more young people who look for ways to be part of it without even being there physically. Many sports organizations have taken this upon themselves and are now finding a way to involve the fans using subscriptions and other streaming services.

Teams are spending more on ad space with the hope of attracting the millennials to the game. They are spending more and more on content development and use of social media engagements to draw the fans to the game. This is especially true for those organizations looking to draw the millennials to the sport using smartphones and other digital platforms

In Closing

Trends in sports make it easier for teams to use technology to win, and makes the interaction with fans more fun.