Types of Posts That Attract High-Engagement on Instagram

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Instagram continues to win the hearts of many people due to its ease of use and the fact that it is free to open. You may have noted that some posts get thousands of likes and comments while others get low engagement. If you belong to the later, you may have asked yourself a lot of questions like why your posts have low engagement levels. You may have tried to follow market leaders and still not able to crack the magic behind the success of their posts. It all depends on the type of posts that you make. The following are common types of posts that will get high engagement.

    1. Behind-the-scenes-content


Unless you engage in illegal production or your hygiene levels when producing physical products are not acceptable, then you should show your customers how you produce your products. You do not have to show them the entire process but just an overview. A picture of smiling members of staff in your kitchen will be very nice when you are in the hospitality business. A short video of your team members developing a digital product will indicate that your products are made by humans for humans. People get to know and feel as if they are part of the production.

    1. Content that tags influencers


Thanks to the internet age and social media wave, we now have social influencers with millions of followers on Instagram. Your account might be having a few followers but tagging an influencer makes it reach thousands of potential customers. You can agree on how to compensate them either through cash or using your products at discounted prices. Such influencers will share your content on their timelines or mention your brand which increases your exposure.

    1. User-generated-content

People want proof that your brand can solve their problems. You can only do this by showcasing reviews from past-satisfied customers. Ensure that you tag users whenever you use their content or reviews. You can as well request users to use your hashtags whenever possible to make it easy to search your content

    1. Content that educates followers

One of the biggest mistakes that people do is focusing on selling rather than educating and giving users tips. Focus on creating attractive content and leave other functions such as engaging followers to an automation tool that suits the purpose. Income Artist discusses auto liker software that increases your engagement levels and gives you enough time to work on your brand.