Understanding the Intrigues of Afro Hair

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Have you ever seen a girl with a perfect afro hairdo? The chances are that she spent nearly two hours trying to make it the way it looks now. This is just a peek into the issues that women (and men) with afro hair go through.

Problems with Afro Hair

Afro hair has a significant difference in the wave pattern and the texture. It tends to be coarse and comes across as either extremely kinked or coiled. The afro is naturally black, with just a few rare variations.

The hair also tends to be so porous, which means that even though it can absorb moisture much more easily compared to other kinds of hair, it also loses the moisture so fast. It, therefore, needs more attention to look great and stay healthy.

For other kinds of hair, you need oils just occasionally. However, black hair needs oil nearly every day, and the use of the oil can lead to oversaturation, leaving the hair flat.

Another issue with this hair is that it dries up easily. This is why the products that are designed for the hair tend to have a lot of moisture, fats, and oils to keep the hair hydrated.

Can You Use a Hot Air Brush on Afro Hair?

The common knowledge is that you can use a hot straightening iron to straighten Afro hair. Using a hot air brush is one of the ways to handle the wildest of afro hairs, and the results of styling can last ages.

However, you need to make sure you use the right hot air brush and use it the right way otherwise you risk damaging the hair.

The recommended kind of brush is a rotating hot air brush from Hot Air Stylers, which makes it easy to style the hair daily. Check out the available types and choose one that is perfect for you.

Styling Tips for Afro Hair

Before you start straightening the hair, you need to wash it and apply a good hair conditioner. With the hair partially dry, untangle it using a brush and a comb, and make sure it is completely untangled before you can start styling it with the hot air brush.

Split the hair into various sections, and start styling it from the back of the head towards the front. The thinner each section is, the better the results you should end up with.


You can get the best out of your Afro hair by using the right tips.