Yardwork Made Easy

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Fall is approaching and your neglected yard is looking a bit hasty… but don’t dread!


Take good care of your lawn before your neighbours do and you’ll be the envy of, and the motivation for, all the residents on your street. The best tip is to not approach it as hard work – you can make it fun! Take note of the following suggestions to make the task efficient and a breeze. With our tips, you’ll be done in no time and be able to sit back and enjoy the visual fruits of your labour.



    • Invest in the proper equipment.

    • There are some types which serve multiple purposes and so can save you a great deal of time, money and space. Take a look at http://trimmersandedgers.com/ to see which lawn mowers are amongst the most recommended on the market.


    • Keep in mind your personal safety and those around you! Ensure you have a pair of ear protection, work gloves and safety glasses and store them close to your equipment so you don’t forget to use them. Be aware of passer-bys and visitors.


    • Mow your lawn at a cutting height of 2 inches, just enough so that the grass has food for growth, but not so long that it will be crushed down by rain and snow as this will invite the opportunity for disease and fungus.


    • Avoid over-watering – especially when you are treated with rain showers – and avoid watering during midday, as this is the hottest time of the day and the water is likely to evaporate more quickly and before your lawn can benefit from all of it.



    • Consider leaving certain weeds alone, particularly for native species such as clovers.

    • They’re not always so much of a visual eyesore and may even provide protection to the soil and prevent erosion.


    • Turn your leaves and grass clippings into mulch and spread them around your yard. This will help to retain moisture and provide carbon to your soil, as well as preventing grass growth and weeds.


    • When mulching, be sure to clean your machine’s air filter both prior and during the task, as it will get dusty and make your work harder.


    • Avoid making gigantic leaf piles, especially since the larger the piles, the larger the resistance to movement. Instead, gather your leaves in long and narrow windrows.


  • Don’t neglect your shrubs and trees – cut them back and trim them tidily.